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The Art of Burning

To fully enjoy your Baobab Collection candle and keep its aesthetic intact, there is a burning ritual to carry out. In order to guarantee optimal use, we recommend that you follow these safety instructions and always keep an eye on your candles.

Before Burning:

  • Trim the wicks regularly. They should not exceed 0.5cm (1/4 inch).

During Burning:

  • Wait until the whole surface becomes liquid before putting out your candle
  • NEVER exceed one hour of burning once the whole surface is liquid. A metal candle that burns for too long may overheat and result in a candle fire!
  • NEVER burn the last 1cm (1/2 inch) of wax to avoid flames burning against the glass. A flame burning against the glass may cause the glass to break!

After Burning:

  • Before the wax becomes totally solid, reposition the wicks vertically to their initial place. Regularly clean the inside of the candle to avoid the appearance of soot.

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